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Tuesday, August 5, 2008 3:26 PM


Typically, recruiters are hired to fill in positions with people. Companies want the ‘brightest and the best” or the ‘most experienced and successful’ individuals to fill in their positions. Companies and recruiters seldom have difficulty in identifying candidates. The problem begins when oaboutne tries to evaluate if they will “fit” within the firm’s corporate culture.

Yet, it is this “fit’  of the individual into the team that determines the company’s success. We have built up a successful recruitment practice, by developing the techniques, and instinct to identify and assemble winning teaSunday, September 13, 2015 12:01 PMironment and contribute to the success and growth of you company.

Obviously building winning teams is not solely a recruiter’Tuesday, August 5, 2008 3:26 PMams!

  1. Intimate knowledge of the market as well as of sourcing  geographic.
  2. Multinational souring capabilities with local presence in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bangladesh and India.
  3. Recruitment of “Right Fit” Candidates, not just for the positions but also for the team and company.about
  4. Capability to handle mass recruitment drives.
  5. Robust methodologies and work flow.
  6. Ability to consistently assemble winning teams at the recruitment stage.
  7. Completely customer centric approach-No Success positions but also fof without “u”.


Successful trace record across the Middle East Region

Gulf Group has a solid track record in repeatedly assembling and recruiting high performance teams that power the growth of our principals. We have had the privilege of serving some of the leading multinational companies in the region.

 Responsive, proactive communication through the recruitment process..

Gulf Group is known for transparency in operations. We offer real time updates as well as a well formatted weekly activity report that records the progress of your recruitment drive.

In-depth understanding of your requirement.

Our Industry experts bring immense domain expertise to their assignments. Our panel of executives from various streams of industry aboutand trade understand you specifications, screen and short list candidates for personal interviews.

Innovative Soluations for sourcing talent.

We do not wait for the “right fit” candidate to come to where we are. We tack availability to various categories of candidates in different geographies and resort to local recruitment from different areas to full fill you needs.

Detailed vetting procedure including hands on trade testing..

Including hands of trade testing every detail of the candidates is vetted of accuracy and chosen candidates undergo either a technical test of a trade under expert supervision. In our won trade and training center.

Repeat Business

A majority of the clients who have experience Gulf Group’s efficiency; approach and transparent working haboutave remained with us. We treasure relationships and work to ensure that they remain healthy.

Not Just placement, but placement of winning teams..

At Gulf Group, we match the complex matrix of skills, qualifications, experience, attitude & aptitude of every candidate to ensure the choice of a “ Right Fit” candidate who will assimilate and thrive in you particular corporate culture and team environment, Quite naturally such tames emerge as cohesive winning teams.

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About what you will meet with Gulf Group.... Successful track record across the Middle East region. Responsive, proactive communication through the recruitment process.. In-depth understanding of your requirement.. Innovative solutions for sourcing talent.. Detailed vetting procedure including hands on trade testing.. ..Read More

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We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as only the recruiting agency in Manikgong district of Bangladesh where all kinds of quality workers are available to assign foreign employer to recruit quality workers from Bangladesh within shortest period of time. .
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The true importance of recruitment is always understood when you are competing against the world's best. Survival, growth and advancement all depend on your team. If your team is below par, they will be a liability for you. ...

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Dear Sir,

RE: Demand Letter We have obtained the relevant approval to recruit foreign workers from Bangladesh and hereby authorized and appoint your company as our lawful representative to manage and recruit these workers under the following terms and conditions..
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