We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as only the recruiting agency in Bangladesh where all kinds of quality workers are available to assign foreign employer to recruit quality workers from Bangladesh within shortest period of time. .
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The true importance of recruitment is always understood when you are competing against the world's best. Survival, growth and advancement all depend on your team. If your team is below par, they will be a liability for you. ...

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Dear Sir,

RE: Demand Letter We have obtained the relevant approval to recruit foreign workers from Bangladesh and hereby authorized and appoint your company as our lawful representative to manage and recruit these workers under the following terms and conditions..
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Message from the Chairman of Gulf Group & Proprietor of Gulf Associates

Friday, April 25, 2014 11:22 AM

Sunday, September 13, 2015 12:01 PM
Every credit of ours having been the largest export house of Bangladeshi manpower goes to our valued clients who have confidently placed orders on us.We are proud of our colleagues and staffs for meeting satisfactionj of our clients with sincere efforts.

Gulf Associates and it's group have been established to provide client with the king of personalised, specialised and expert and services that every clients are constantly looking for yet very rarely aable to avail.

We do provide manpower who think, speak and do everything we do . They are we and their cooperation in the process of deals is a must. Fortunately we get cooperation from our clients probably for we select particular incumbent for particular job and we train and orient them suiting with profession before departure. We are proud to say, our recruitees have gained confidence and love wherever they have worked for their sincerity, honesty and hard work.

In the time span of around two decades of manpower trade, Gulf's capital has been her uncompromised quality control and backup services.

We hope, Gulf Group shall render still better service to the clients bringing about name and fame for the nation in the years to come.

We are grateful to the concerned Government organisations and Embasies for all out cooperation without which we could not come to the position we stand now.

A. R. S. Ali,
Proprietor : Gulf Associates
Chairman: Gulf Group
Hotline:+88-01713049063 (BD)
Sister Concern of Gulf Group

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