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As soon as we receive the application the candidate is called for a personal interview where his/her skills are assessed by our specially trainde H.R.D e Executives, where apart from the candidate's professional competence, his/herintegrity,Maturity, Human Qualities,Enthusiasm at every level, Ambition and Stability are assessed, If graded with A+(i.e 70% and above) evaluated sheets as well as stored in our database.


After the personal interview, the candidate has to undergo through a Technial Interview where a team of our Technical consultants evaluate his/her real strength he/she is referred to the Trade Test Center after the final report is given by the Tecnical Consultants A+(i.e.70% and above) The candidate is then summonSunday, September 13, 2015 12:01 PM final Acid Test bby the above and our Chief Technical consultant. Simultaneously if the candidate is fit and fit and a current opening there he/she is sent for processing of the details are forwarded to Data Bank and he/she is given with a code token no. For all future correspondence. All the evaluation reports of interview and candidates in our computerized.


Trade tests are a necessity, as it clearly brings up the kind of skills a candidate has, and also builds up the kind of salary structure that he candidate has to be place in according the kind of efforts mean for the employer is that they get absolutely the right candidate for the right job.


Any foreign Employer when hires his employees cannot check the graph of integrity and loyalty in the candidates. Thselectionus creating a great hurdle towards full satisfaction for his investment. Here in Gulf Associates it is a strict practice to check the Track Reference of the candidates after the selection by our clients. The candidates are informed to produce their appointment letterand photo copy slip of last salary drawn with all these information collection and through the data from our R&d department.The"Investigators" as the are popularly called from our Security and intelligence Department come into the picture. They check all the credential by tracking all the previous record of the prospective candidate by laying stress on character, his nature of work, integrity, Dedicativeness and the family background, only when all this is checked and certified O.K By our investigators does the candidate undergo medical examination. Al this efforts save time and money of our client and he/she is fully satisfied that the selecton is 100% of the best quality. As one wrong person can spoil the total employee moral and integrity.


After the selection of the candidate he/she is directed for medical check up by the approved consulate doctors, after the medical report is fit the candidates documents are formalities where in all the documentation work is done by our visa section which includes all visa formalities and certificate attestaton. the passport is then submitted to the concernde consulate for visa endorsement.


All the candidates are deployed within seven days from the date of visa indorsed. He/She has to report for departureselection 2 days before the flight. on the first day the candidate is made to attend an orientation session where the culture of the foreign country (to Where the candidate is traveling) the work atmosphere and other necessary details to the candidate to adjust quickly to the new day the candidate is handed our company to which he/she is traveling (This helps the foreign company & Employer to identify his candidate at the time of arrival at the airport) along with the passport ticket and our company offcial escorts the candidate to the airport for departure formalities. A fax about the deployment of candedate to the company is transmitted two days in advance.







1) Advertisements are released as per the instruction from the R&D dept.-That is after studying the clients requirement and matching it with the available market research data the exact location in India is trgeted where the manpower are found in numbers and according to the category the news-paper is selected which has alarge reader data base. The advertisement are designed in such a manner that it attracts the target audience in the most emphasizing nature.

2) Word of mouth is a very old practice which in english called "News spreading" our staff works hard to let the news out that a certain requirement is needed by our overseas client this good word spreads like fire there by injecting the common people with the notice of an interview.

3) Small paper cut outs are distributed to the target audience in the most appropriate way that is if our clients require a senior category in the finance sector in the finance sector our R&D dept. Give us the data where these people are availavle. The best possible way to bring to their notice about the requirement is to supply these pamphlets in side their personalselection news paper also these pamphlets are circulated the target companies where this manpower is readily available. this brings to the notice that there is an interview for a requirement.

4) The R&H dept. provides us with the data where the targeted manpower company are located, All the company are then posted letters about the interview schedule in a format of invitation containing more about the company & country to which they will be hired if selected. This creates a space of confidence in the mimds of the candidates to be more friendly with the consultant and in most case the result is positive by the candidate contacting our office.

All this above ways helps to source the right candidate, even if he/she has missde our earlier sourcing capsules.


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